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Multi award winning songwriter for acclaimed Australian band Augie March and his side band The Dark Satanic Mills Bros, Glenn Richards is known for his consistently vital, challenging yet accessible output over a long period and is regarded by many as one of the finest, certainly the most fascinating lyricists writing today.  Less known is the fact that he has managed, when free of band duties, to complete a number of scores for film and television ranging from the tender drama of Lou through the smart, self aware comedy horror of 100 Bloody Acres and Scare Campaign to, most recently, the beyond absurdist ABC series Fancy Boy.


Equally adept in the realm of synthesiser and orchestral arrangement as he is in the composition of original pieces from emotional acoustic to flat out metal, EDM to hip hop, pure pop to 90’s rave atrocities, Glenn has proven time and again that he can deliver above and beyond on tight budgets and tighter deadlines.  His studio, The Dark Satanic Mill Studio, is a one stop composition/recording/mixing/ production house.  His unusual, unique, but always on point original compositions, songs, atmospherics and comic nonsenses have elevated every production he has been involved in.


He has also shown an uncanny nouse for interpreting a directive, however obscure and demanding.  Whether it’s channeling Davy Jones for a comedy skit show theme, or Max Steiner for a slasher parody, making arch reference to contemporary moods found in series such as The Knick or House of Cards, or in the space of one film tackling the psychedelia of Giallo, the 80’s synth reckonings of John Carpenter, and the visceral nightmare of modern day torture porn horror, Richards is a natural chameleon should the need arise for pastiche and/or homage.




Studio Work


As well as engineering and mixing all of his film and tv work Glenn has produced the DSMB album and the last two Augie March albums, as well as recording and mixing a significant portion of each.  Like his composition Glenn comes at recording and mixing with an unorthodox ear and mind, preferring to err on the side of interesting as opposed to ‘polished’.  Which is not to say the productions can’t be slick, but only if slickness is what they require.  The remainder of this year will see Glenn recording and mixing a full length release for a prominent Australian singer songwriter as well as mixing further Augie March material and beginning tracking on a solo arts project in conjunction with the Tasmanian Arts Council.  For a start.


Glenn is in demand as an award winning songwriter, lyricist and collaborator and is open to writing to spec over diverse genres as well as to specific projects.   


The Dark Satanic Mill Studio is a mid sized space, sound reinforced, with an entirely analogue front and back end and a powerful digital system in between.  Glenn runs Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X on a maxed out iMac 27 i7 32gb ram, along with a vast sample library and several top end software instruments.  He has performed several drum replacement/enhancement sessions that make use of a drum hit library 15 years in the making.  Among countless instruments, amplifiers, and assorted bits and pieces are the following, with photographs below :


Metric Halo Lio8 Interface

Metric Halo 2882 2D Expanded +DSP Interface x8 pres

Dangerous DBox Monitor control and analogue summing unit 

Empirical Labs Mike-E pre/comp

Joe Meek VC-1 pre/comp

2x A-Designs EM-PEQ 500

Golden Age Pre573mkiii and EQ573

Serpent Audio SB4001 Stereo Buss Compressor

Klark Teknik DN780 Reverb Unit

Tascam 134B Syncaset 4 Track Recorder

Roland Juno 60

Korg Minilogue

Waldorf Blofeld

Casio Fully Weighted Digi Piano

Roland Electronic Drum Kit

Line 6 Helix Guitar Processor

Dynaudio BM6a MK1 Monitors

Avantone Active Mix Cubes

Blue Sky 2.1 system

AEA R84 Ribbon Mic

Coles 4038 Ribbon Mic

M Audio Sputnik Valve Mic

Sony C38B


Several Rode Pencil Mics






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